If you’re looking for an energy-efficient upgrade to the heating and cooling system in your Plano, Texas, home, a multi-split ductless system is an option you can’t afford to ignore. This eco-friendly installation delivers all your home comfort needs affordably, through a system that’s carefully tailored to meet your exact specifications. Learn more about how a multi-split ductless system will transform your home comfort.

Zoned Solutions

Multi-split or multi-zone ductless systems offer heating and cooling that’s targeted to a specific area of the home. A single outdoor unit can support several indoor units strategically positioned throughout the home. Unlike a ducted system, which generally forces you to push air to a large area at one time, ductless systems operate with individual interior units. You can turn these on and off or adjust the temperature as needed for each one.

If your family members have different preferences for their bedroom comfort levels, you can accommodate this easily. You can direct more heat to the chilly living room without sending any into the kitchen, already warmed by your evening meal preparation. A multi-split ductless system lets you customize your comfort for optimum solutions in any part of the home.

Efficient Operation

Ductless systems are more efficient than their ducted counterparts for many reasons. The most obvious is that the lack of ductwork prevents your heated or cooled air from escaping. Modern ductless multi-splits also incorporate cutting-edge technology such as variable refrigerant flow (VRF). This allows you to make more subtle tweaks to the amount of heating or cooling that’s delivered to a particular place.

With variable refrigerant flow (VRF), you can deliver a different amount of refrigerant to each unit in the system. This gives you outstanding energy efficiency without sacrificing your comfort. You simply divert your resources to where you need them the most and use them accordingly. With a VRF system, you can even heat one part of the home while cooling another. You’re truly the master of your home comfort, with limitless possibilities.

Combined Heating and Cooling

Ductless systems provide both heating and cooling, so you don’t need to worry about installing and maintaining two separate units. Ductless technology focuses on moving heat from one area to another. Rather than generating hot or cold air, it simply shifts the heat that’s naturally present in any area. When you want to heat a room, this system will extract heat from the air outside and bring it in to your home. If the home is too warm, this process is reversed. The multi-split system will pull the heat from your home and send it outside.

This is another feature that lends well to the overall energy efficiency of your home. Ductless multi-split systems are designed to offer satisfying heating and cooling with the least energy use possible. Whether you’re looking to live a mindfully eco-friendly lifestyle, or you simply want to minimize your energy expenses, this is an efficient solution.

Simple Installation

Installing a ductless multi-split system is much easier than installing a traditional ducted furnace or air conditioner. This is particularly true if you’re in a historic home that was constructed without original ductwork. There are no extensive lengths of ducting to worry about with this HVAC solution.

You have several options for your interior units when you purchase one of our attractive American Standard multi-splits. You can choose a ceiling suspended unit that sits at the top of the room, well out of your way. A slim high wall unit is an option for spaces where you don’t want the installation at ceiling level. A wall-mounted unit is a small and discreet option with extreme flexibility. You can position this wherever it’s most convenient to the design and layout of your home.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities available with a ductless multi-split system, contact Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning today at (214) 251-4438. We’ll help you find the right installation for your home comfort needs, green living goals, and budgetary constraints. Our professional technicians can customize the perfect solution for your home.

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