If your HVAC system is running properly, it should do its job with little more than a subtle whir in the background. If your system is making noticeable noises as it heats or cools your home, this is likely a sign of trouble. Keep an ear out for these sounds in your Plano, Texas, home and give us a call right away if you hear something that’s amiss.

Rattle, Rattle, Bang

A rattling or banging sound that happens before your furnace kicks on usually means a problem with your system. A cracked heat exchanger can lead to a carbon monoxide leak, so this is something you should never ignore. Give our office a call today to investigate the problem further and make sure your family stays safe.

Scrape, Rattle

If the rattling sound in your system is more continuous and seems to be associated with a scraping sound as well, this is probably a sign of an issue with your blower wheel. You may have a loose component stuck in the blower wheel. The wheel may also be unbalanced or loose. Schedule a repair as soon as you notice this problem, so you can potentially fix the issue without having to invest in a full replacement part. Keep in mind that regular maintenance will help you address these issues early as well.

Squeak and Squeal

Squeaking and squealing noises can indicate various problems with your system’s internal components. This could be a belt that needs replacing, a loose part, or something else loose in the system that’s creating a strain on other components. Don’t let this noise linger. This is another case where leaving the issue unattended can lead to a more serious repair job, while early attention can make a big difference.

Your heating and cooling systems should operate quietly. Always have your system maintained in the heating and cooling season. Anything that’s out of the ordinary is a cause for concern. Our technicians offer 24/7 repair services for your HVAC installation. Give Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning a call today at (214) 251-4438 to schedule your appointment. If your system is making noticeable noises as it heats or cools your home, this is likely a sign of trouble.

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