The heating and cooling system in your Plano, Texas, home uses filters to keep dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, and other contaminants out of the unit and ducts. Filters vary in size and using the wrong ones can lead to problems and inefficiency. Before you buy your filters, make sure to double-check the correct size to avoid these issues.

Leaking Air

If you choose filters that are too large, they most likely won’t fit into the space that houses them within your HVAC system. Some homeowners try to bend or trim the edges of the filters to get them to fit, but this can lead to issues like slowed airflow and damage to the blower fan. Forcing a filter to go into the space might also cause the filter to collapse, pushing the materials into the system. This problem is harder to fix and could reduce the quality of your indoor air.

If you try to install filters that are too small, those might fit into the housing but they will lead to problems. The most common problem is leaking air since the small size allows air to move past the filters and seep out.

Wasted Energy

Without proper filtering, your HVAC system won’t be able to run as efficiently. This often means you’ll end up spending more to heat and cool your home because of the wasted energy. Reduced airflow due to blockages from improperly sized filters will also reduce the efficiency, making it much more costly to operate the system.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A clean filter helps to keep contaminants from moving into the ducts and through the vents in the air you breathe. When the filter doesn’t fit properly, these small particles can easily move past the edges and get into the system. This leads to dirty ducts with all kinds of contaminants built up, which will lower the indoor air quality and could make you and your family sick.

If you need assistance with finding and installing the correct HVAC filters, contact Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (214) 251-4438 to set up a maintenance plan.

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