Since many people living in Allen, TX, rely on air conditioning to keep them comfortable during the hot summers, it’s important to be aware of how an AC can cause high humidity levels in a home. Here are four ways that an AC can cause humidity levels to spike.

1. Dirty Condenser Coils

An AC system could cause high humidity in a home when it has dirty condenser coils. The coils are outside the home and have refrigerant to remove heat from the air coming into the home. If the coils are dirty, they will not be able to remove the heat as effectively, causing the air to be warmer and more humid.

2. Frozen Evaporator Coils

An AC system would cause high humidity in your home when the evaporator coil freezes. When the evaporator coil freezes, the refrigerant may fail to absorb the heat from the air in your home. This causes the humidity in the air to increase.

3. Using the Wrong Fan Settings

Your air conditioner might be causing high humidity in your home because you are using the wrong fan settings. If the fan is set to on, it will circulate the air in your home and pull air from outside. This might include pulling in humidity along with the air. It can also evaporate moisture from a wet evaporator coil. Fan speed settings should be set during installation and initial startup of the system; if set up incorrectly this can also cause humidity imbalances. This could lead to the circulation of moisture through your home.

4. An Improperly Sized AC Unit

Using an AC unit of the wrong size for your home increases humidity levels. If you install a unit that is too big, it will cool the air too quickly and turn off before it has a chance to remove the moisture from the air.

If you are a resident of Allen, TX, and are experiencing high humidity levels in your home while your AC unit is on or you need furnace repair and installation services, contact us at Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning for help. We would be happy to inspect your AC unit and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to get rid of the high humidity in your home.

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