Keeping your family healthy this cold and flu season is challenging enough without worrying about the indoor air quality of your McKinney, Texas, home. It’s no secret that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. We offer several solutions to improve your home’s air and to help your family breathe easier.

Whole-Home Air Purifiers

A whole-home air purifier can do a lot for your indoor air quality. These systems clean allergens, particles, bacteria, viruses, and fumes from your home using your heating and cooling units. Purifiers clean the air by trapping particles with electrostatic mechanisms or a HEPA filter. These need changing often to make sure the filters can clean the air. Ionizing systems reverse a particle’s charge, making it fall to the floor where you can vacuum or dust it away.

Whole-Home Humidifiers

Dry winter air and air from your home’s heating system create several issues. Dry air aggravates sinuses, causes dry coughs, and cracked skin. Installing a home humidifier can remedy these problems and much more. Properly moistened air helps reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses, lowering your family’s risk of illness. Humid air feels warmer than drier air, so with properly moisturized air, you can lower your thermostat and still stay comfortable.

Whole-Home Ventilation Systems

Overly moist air causes as many problems as overly dry air. During warmer months, high humidity levels can cause issues too. Installing a ventilation system helps keep moisture levels at an appropriate level and helps bring fresh, clean air inside. Ventilators circulate air, preventing moisture from building up and causing damage. Fresh air also keeps mold and mildew growth at a minimum. Allergens, bacteria, and viruses love humid air and a ventilation system helps lower exposure.

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