A programmable thermostat saves energy by adjusting or shutting off your heating or air conditioning when you go to sleep or leave for work. It then brings your Allen, Texas, home back to a more comfortable temperature about half an hour before you usually wake up or come home. This lowers your utility bills and extends your HVAC system’s life while keeping you comfortable. Some of the best thermostat upgrades available are the XL624, the XL803, and the XL950 models from Trane.

The XL624

The Trane XL624 Control lets you set up to four different schedules for every day of the week. Its digital touchscreen is easy to use, and it can switch automatically between heating and cooling. The XL624 also has a humidity sensor, a dehumidification setting, and automatic maintenance reminders. You can even set a password to keep others from changing your settings. You can also use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to make changes wirelessly.

The XL803

With the XL803 Deluxe Programmable Thermostat, you can set one schedule for every day of the week. A special vacation mode can keep your home at one energy-saving temperature for up to 256 days. The thermostat can automatically adjust its time for Daylight Savings and switch between heating and cooling. If you have a temperature sensor, it can display the outdoor temperature. You can even remove the touchscreen and program the XL803 while you’re seated instead of having to doing it standing up.

The ComfortLink II XL950

The XL950 has a color touchscreen, live weather updates, and wireless controls. It can show your dealer’s contact information for when you need maintenance or repairs. The touchscreen is available with different frames to match your home’s style.

Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning can help you find the best thermostat upgrade for your home. We can also install, maintain, and repair a variety of HVAC equipment. Call us anytime at (214) 251-4438 for great service.

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