A smart thermostat can help you save energy by letting you control your HVAC system at odd hours or while you’re away from your Plano, Texas, home. While many models come with default temperatures and schedules, you can save more on your utility bills and stay more comfortable with your own settings. To conserve as much power as possible, you should find a good place for your smart thermostat, utilize zoning, and avoid last-minute changes.

Find a Good Place for Your Thermostat

Whether you have a standard model or a smart thermostat, finding an ideal spot for it is essential. Choose a place near the center of your home, away from outer walls, drafts, or warm areas. If you have two or more separate heaters or air conditioners, put a thermostat in the middle of the zone that each unit heats or cools.

Use Zoning

You can use zoning to keep some rooms at different temperatures than others. Some zoning systems have dampers in their ductwork that send conditioned air where it’s needed, and others have separate indoor units. Zoning lets you avoid conditioning unoccupied rooms, and it allows people to choose the temperatures they prefer for their bedrooms. Many smart thermostats with zoning can connect wirelessly to cameras or motion sensors. They can learn your routine and keep you from wasting energy on empty areas.

Avoid Last-Minute Changes

Turning your HVAC system on and off frequently can cause increased wear and shorten its life. It also wastes energy. After you choose the best settings for your smart thermostat, don’t alter them unless your schedule changes. If you feel too hot or cold, use a ceiling fan or a blanket, and don’t change your thermostat settings unless you or your family members feel uncomfortable often.

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