Most homeowners in Plano, TX choose ductless mini-split systems for their reliability and exceptional performance. Like any other HVAC system, these systems can develop occasional problems. We’ll cover common ductless mini-split system issues.

Doesn’t Cool Your House

Your ductless system may fail to cool your home to your liking due to issues such as refrigerant leaks or a dirty outdoor component. Refrigerant draws heat from the indoor air and relays it to the outdoors. Therefore, when the levels of this vital fluid drop, your system can’t meet your temperature needs.

On the other hand, a dirty outdoor component hinders the refrigerant from efficiently releasing heat to the environment, making it difficult for the system to cool your house. Having regular maintenance appointments allows a technician clean your system and repair any damaged parts.

Fails to Dehumidify the Indoor Air

Your system can’t dehumidify your living space efficiently if it has a dirty evaporator coil or its cooling capacity exceeds your cooling load. To address this issue, schedule maintenance services to have your coils cleaned or one of our Design Specialists to determine if the system is properly sized.

Emits Unusual Sounds

Some common sounds that a malfunctioning system can produce include whistling, buzzing, bubbling, banging and rattling. Buzzing may suggest your system’s electrical components are faulty, while banging and rattling may occur when there are loose components in your system. A refrigerant leak or clogged air filter may cause a whistling noise.

Leaks Water

When you notice water coming from your ductless system, the drain line may not be draining water efficiently due to a blockage. Also, the drain pan may have damage or the evaporator coil may be too dirty.

Whenever your system malfunctions, call the air conditioning experts at Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning to resolve your system’s issues. We have the tools, manpower and skills to fix any ductless HVAC system problem.

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