Dealing with extra humidity in your Plano, Texas, home during the summer is extremely annoying and uncomfortable. Sometimes even when you run the AC, you feel hot and sticky indoors. If the AC isn’t quite cutting it, there are some things you can do to dehumidify your house. The solutions are simple and will help you feel a little cooler and dryer at home. Try these DIY tricks when you feel too humid inside. 

Replace Your Air Filters

This is an easy one you should do once a month. If you don’t, your air filters get clogged, and that can reduce the air flow within your house. Less air flow means more humidity because the conditioned air isn’t reaching every corner like it needs to. It can also cause your AC coils to get dirty from the debris the filter is no longer catching. When they get dirty, condensation builds up inside the AC, and that can cause a little extra humidity.

Cook With the Stove Sparingly

Boiling water on the stove is one of the best ways to add humidity to your kitchen, which is why it’s a great thing to do in winter and a terrible thing to do in summer. If you can help it, prepare food that doesn’t require the stove, or at least that doesn’t require boiling water on the stove. Try some grill recipes so you can cook outdoors and keep all that heat where it belongs.

Use the Bathroom Vent When You Shower

People often ignore the vent fan in the bathroom. Make sure you’re using it after you shower to allow the humid air to be pulled out of the room. You can also open the bathroom door, because then at least the humidity will disperse throughout the house and won’t collect in the bathroom.

Speaking of showers, in the summer keep the shower water as cool as possible. The hotter your shower is, the more humidity you generate that then ends up floating around your house. You don’t need hot showers in the summer, and a cool shower will keep you more comfortable anyway since it’s so hot outside.

Get a Dehumidifier

The easiest anti-humidity hack is to get a room dehumidifier. They pull the humidity straight out of the air and into a reservoir as water. If you’re having trouble sleeping or working, stick the dehumidifier in your bedroom or home office. They aren’t capable of doing an entire house unless you get one for every room, but even having one room as a refuge from the humidity is helpful. Whole house dehumidifiers attach to your current HVAC system and can help dehumidify the whole house. Call us if you’d like more information.

If you’re struggling to get your indoor humidity under control, call Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning. DIY tricks don’t always cut it, so have us over to assess your HVAC system and your IAQ. Consider signing up for a maintenance plan, so your HVAC system and IAQ are always at their best. Call us today at (214) 251-4438.

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