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air conditioner units

As the weather in Plano, TX heats up, you’ll rely more on your air conditioner to keep your household comfortable. However, the potential always exists that your AC may overheat, putting you in a very

Technician Repairing AC

Most homeowners in Plano, TX choose ductless mini-split systems for their reliability and exceptional performance. Like any other HVAC system, these systems can develop occasional problems. We’ll cover common ductless mini-split system issues. Doesn’t Cool

AC Units Behind Wooden Wall

You may have heard that you should schedule annual AC maintenance each spring in Plano, TX. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, read on to discover some of the top reasons why you don’t

heat pump

An efficient heat pump distributes warm or cool air evenly in your Plano, TX house. Therefore, to keep your heat pump working efficiently, it is vital to adopt good habits. Below, we will explain how

indoor air quality improves with air purifier

Low indoor air quality (IAQ) is a multi-pronged threat to your health and comfort at home in Plano, TX. Here are three significant dangers that living in a low indoor air quality environment may cause.

heat pump systems

Heat pumps display multiple signs when they’re faulty. One common sign of a malfunctioning heat pump is weird smells in your home. We’ll discuss some heat pump odors in Plano, TX and what they mean.

Gas Furnace Issue

If your furnace is over 10 or 15 years old, it may not last another winter or two here in Plano, TX. Luckily, your furnace will exhibit signs that a failure or its end of

Heat Pump Located In The Back Yard

Each heat pump cycle lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes, with about two or three of these cycles every hour. If your system is rapidly switching on and off before finishing each one, that signifies

Ductless Air Conditioner

Also known as a mini-split, a ductless system is another option for heating and cooling in your Plano, TX home. This type of system does not require any ductwork to operate, instead heating/cooling specifically the

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