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Debunking 4 Common Heat Pump Myths in Plano, TX

heat pump

Heat pumps are fast becoming a go-to heating and cooling option for residents in Plano, TX. However, several myths about them continue to circulate, complicating homeowners’ purchase decisions. Here, we’ll debunk four common heat pump myths to set the record straight.

1. Heat Pumps Only Provide Heat

Many people believe that if you have a heat pump, you’ll need a separate air conditioning system. Actually, heat pumps offer one of the most efficient cooling options of any HVAC system type available today. They have a unique design that transfers heat into or out of a home, depending on the season.

2. Heat Pumps Are Noisy

Early heat pumps had a reputation for running a bit on the noisy side. Sadly, that reputation stuck even as newer heat pumps mostly solved those noise issues. Modern heat pumps don’t make any more noise than your typical standard central air conditioning system.

3. Heat Pumps Don’t Work in Freezing Weather

While freezing temperatures are uncommon here in Plano, TX, there are some winter days when heating becomes necessary. However, there’s a persistent myth that heat pumps can’t provide sufficient heat in sub-freezing temperatures. In reality, modern heat pumps provide ample heat at temperatures well below freezing.

4. Heat Pumps Require Additional Home Insulation

Although we’re not sure why people believe this myth, it’s a common one, nonetheless. It’s the notion that you need to super-insulate your house for a heat pump to do its job properly. While extra insulation certainly won’t hurt your heat pump’s performance, it’s rarely necessary when you install one.

Now that you know the truth about heat pumps, we’d be happy to install one in your home. Contact Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning today for your HVAC service needs, including heat pump installation.

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