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Why Does My Pilot Light Keep Going Out in Plano, TX?

furnace pilot light fixed

The furnace in your Plano, TX, home relies on the pilot light or hot surface igniter to ignite the burners each time the furnace starts a new heating cycle. The pilot light remains on between these heating cycles. A hot surface igniter is only used during the ignition sequence. Unfortunately, several issues and circumstances can cause your pilot light to go out.

A Strong Draft

Your pilot light can go out when there’s a strong draft near the furnace. It is normal to experience this issue occasionally during the lifespan of your furnace. However, if it is going out frequently, there could be a more serious problem that needs to be tended to.

A Lack of Oxygen or Fuel

Your pilot light should be burning with a bright blue color. If the flame looks orange or yellow, it could be burning inefficiently due to a lack of oxygen or lack of fuel. When this happens, have your furnace inspected to avoid more serious air quality problems such as carbon monoxide releasing into your home.

Dirt in the Pilot Burner

When dirt builds up within the pilot burner, the pilot light can burn inefficiently. This restricts the pilot light’s oxygen or fuel supply. Routine maintenance can help you avoid this.

Thermocouple Malfunctions

The thermocouple is a safety device that senses whether or not the flame is burning efficiently. If it detects that the flame is burning low or is nonexistent, it will shut off the gas supply to your furnace. The thermocouple can be replaced in this situation.

If you are experiencing problems with your pilot light going out, we can inspect your furnace, diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. We can also help if you decide whether or not to upgrade to an electric ignition furnace to avoid these issues. Call Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning today for all of your furnace repair needs in Plano, TX.

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