A properly functioning heating system runs relatively quietly. You probably know the normal noises when the unit starts, runs, or stops. Find out below some sounds you may hear from your heat pump and what they mean in Plano, TX.

1. Banging Sound

If an object is stuck on the condenser blades when the fan is rotating, it produces a banging sound. You should turn off the system and look on top to check for any foreign material on the condenser.

Call a technician if you notice any items or loose parts in the fan. Don’t use the unit before an expert makes the necessary repairs. It may lead to more damage to your system.

2. Gurgling Noise

A heating unit makes this sound when there is a refrigerant leak. It also happens when the refrigerant has a low-level charge.

Seepage may occur if the system has damaged components. For instance, if the evaporator coils have a loose screw that causes a hole. Or leaks in the suction line, where the fluid passes to different parts of the system.

Leaks cause malfunctioning, which leads to inefficiency. Call your HVAC contractor to inspect the unit, especially if water droplets accompany the noise.

3. Vibrating Sound

Rattling noise indicates that the outdoor unit mounting feet have become loose. It shows that the unit isn’t stable or the compressor on the inside is loose. It would help to look at the system’s base and check for damaged mounts or if the unit moves while running.

Experts can quickly resolve the issue by placing a rubber pad below the heat pump. It absorbs the sounds to ensure the unit operates quietly. Sometimes, they’ll replace the broken mountings if they are the problem.

Is your unit producing unusual sounds? Our company has been operating since 2005 and offers quality services to customers. Contact Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning for heat pump repair services in Plano, TX, and the surrounding cities.

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