You’ve seen the Energy Star label on washing machines and air conditioners when you go to the appliance store, but you don’t know exactly what it means. Energy Star is an important EPA initiative that gives consumers information about the most energy-efficient household products.

Energy Star Has Been Around for More Than 20 Years

The EPA introduced Energy Star in 1992. This label is for brands producing products that use energy sources. It is a voluntary label that brands use to indicate a product meets a certain standard set by the EPA. The point is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the first products to receive Energy Star labels were computers.

Energy Star Saves You Hundreds

Since 1992, Energy Star has saved families and businesses $362 billion, and has taken greenhouse gas emissions down 2.4 billion metric tons. If you aren’t using an Energy Star HVAC system, you could be spending more than $100 on extra heating and cooling costs every year. When you combine a new Energy Star machine with good insulation and duct repair, you’ll save considerably on what you were spending to heat and cool your home.

We Offer Energy Star Product Installation

Our favorite American Standard HVAC products all carry the Energy Star label. They’re better for the environment and will save money over the system’s life. If you can budget them in, they’re great to have in your home. AnĀ  American Standard variable speed AC is one of the best at cooling and saving you money.

You don’t have to switch to Energy Star right away to save money. Call Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning to set up a maintenance appointment. The small repairs and checks we perform on your system keep it running at top efficiency, saving you a little extra money each month as you budget for a new HVAC system. Call us today at (214) 251-4438.

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