Heat pumps display multiple signs when they’re faulty. One common sign of a malfunctioning heat pump is weird smells in your home. We’ll discuss some heat pump odors in Plano, TX and what they mean.

Sweet or Chloroform Odor

Heat pumps use refrigerant to move heat from one area to another. You may detect a sweet or chloroform-like odor when this vital fluid leaks. You may also hear whistling or gurgling sounds.

Refrigerant leaks lower your heat pump’s capacity to regulate temperature. When you notice one, schedule repair services as soon as possible to restore your heat pump’s efficiency.

Dusty Smell

This odor is common when your system starts working after a long period of inactivity. While the system is inactive, dust can accumulate on its components.

The dust burns when the system starts working, producing this smell. The odor usually goes away after a short time.

Burning Odor

Friction between the moving parts of your heat pump can cause this smell. In addition, the rubber on your wires may burn and produce this odor.

Schedule regular maintenance services to have the moving parts lubricated. If your system develops electrical issues, call a professional rather than trying to do the repairs yourself, as the electric components could harm you.

Musty Odor

Biological contaminants grow on moist surfaces. Some heat pump components and degraded ducts may be moist, providing the right environment for these pollutants to thrive.

These pollutants release spores in your indoor air, causing a musty smell similar to that of dirty socks. You need to schedule maintenance so that our technicians can clean your heat pump parts and help get rid of these pollutants. We can also come up with a plan to help prevent it from returning. The technicians will also unclog blocked drain lines to prevent water from stagnating in your heat pump.

Don’t wait for unusual heat pump odors to disappear on their own. Contact our heating experts at Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning to have the underlying issues resolved. Our team never disappoints.

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