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Repair tools on AC

Suboptimal AC efficiency is always a disappointment when temperatures are still high in Plano, TX. It creates not only higher energy costs than is necessary but also a greater need for more frequent repairs and

Close Up AC Unit

An overheating air conditioner can cause concern, leading to performance issues and potential system damage in Plano, TX. We’ll explore the possible reasons behind AC overheating and what steps you can take to address the

dust contributes to poor indoor air

Have you ever experienced consistent allergy-like symptoms or noticed an unusual amount of dust in your home? These could indicate poor indoor air quality (IAQ), a problem that can significantly affect your overall health and

Air Heat Pump Collection

For homeowners in Plano, TX, the size of a heat pump or any HVAC system is critical when considering a new system. It might prompt you to ask, “Does the HVAC system size really matter?”

comfortable woman with no hot or cold spots

You may notice some rooms in your house are cool while others are hot, yet your air conditioning system is running. This phenomenon indicates an underlying condition interfering with your system’s efficiency. Below, we will

Tools to fix evaporator coil

We rely on our air conditioner to keep us cool and comfortable as the temperatures rise. However, if your AC isn’t functioning as it should be, it can leave you feeling hot and frustrated. One

recovery mode on thermostat

While the sudden appearance of a “Recovery Mode” light on your thermostat may be a bit alarming, there’s usually nothing to worry about. In fact, the alert can actually be a helpful alert that can

furnace pilot light fixed

The furnace in your Plano, TX, home relies on the pilot light or hot surface igniter to ignite the burners each time the furnace starts a new heating cycle. The pilot light remains on between

heat pumps are reliable

Heat pumps are a popular way to heat and cool homes as they provide excellent energy efficiency and cost savings. According to research, with appropriate care and maintenance, your system can last for up to

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