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At Samm's Heating and Air Conditioning, the needs of our customers are always our first concern. We think about your efforts to make your home more comfortable and examine our role in making the process easier for you. To keep your home cool we provide:

  • Heat pumps with variable-speed to better regulate cooling needs and reduce energy waste
  • A variety of high-efficiency air conditioners with important features such as humidity control and quiet operation
  • Air Duct Services expertly installed and repaired in a timely manner to ensure efficient and balanced airflow, reducing energy costs
  • Ductless systems that allow for zoned air conditioning so you can conquer those frustrating hard-to-cool areas
  • Indoor air quality products such as dehumidifiers and ventilators that remove moist and stale air and return fresh, cool air
  • Packaged products for an affordable compact solution to managing indoor comfort all year
  • Thermostats and controls in an assortment of styles with varying programming features that allow you to regulate temperatures based on your schedule, so you conserve energy
  • Proven AC repair services by technicians who are certified and experienced to tackle any air conditioning service need
  • AC Installation expertise so your new AC installation is completed satisfactorily
  • Beneficial AC maintenance that helps to maximize the life and performance of your air conditioning system

The Right Choice for Air Conditioning Service and Installation

You have many options for keeping your home cool. Samm's Heating and Air Conditioning helps to make the selection process easier by providing helpful tips and advice. We are your complete source for air conditioning solutions with our wide range of energy-efficient cooling systems. We can help you decide if a central forced air system is right for your home, or if a ductless system or heat pump would provide more benefits. We don’t just try to sell you products and services. We take your budget and the features of your home into consideration, so you’ll have the right system that will maximize comfort and savings.

So whether you need air conditioning repair or AC installation, we want you to have confidence in our products and service. As an Award Wining American Standard Dealer, we have met high levels of customer satisfaction and provide continuing education to our technicians to stay up to date on the latest technology advances. We believe that our years of service, the number of satisfied customers and philosophy of providing the best air conditioning service in Plano, TX will assure you that we are the air conditioning company to call when you need service, maintenance or repair to your air conditioning system.

Tax Credit Available on Energy-Efficient Systems Under the Inflation Reduction Act

2024 is an excellent time to consider purchasing new eligible HVAC equipment to take advantage of the latest tax credits and get a more energy-efficient system installed. Higher efficiency means long-term savings on your family’s energy use. Contact us today to receive a complimentary proposal.

The Inflation Reduction Act(IRA) of 2022 includes provisions that offer significant tax incentives for homeowners who improve the energy efficiency of their homes. These provisions aim to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy practices.

Under the IRA, homeowners may be eligible for tax credits when they install qualifying HVAC systems. The Act provides for a tax credit equal to 30 percent of the installation costs for eligible HVAC improvements, with a maximum credit of $600 per item and up to$1,200 per year for general energy improvements. For certain high-efficiency systems, such as heat pumps, the credit can go up to $2,000 per year.

So what does this mean for you? If you upgrade your HVAC system to one on the eligible list, you can claim a tax credit on your purchase. It’s important to consult with a Tax Professional to determine your specific eligibility and credit status. If you are eligible and need any purchasing paperwork, please let us know.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency while benefiting from the available tax credits. Contact us today to learn more about eligible systems and to get started on your energy-saving journey.

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