Furnaces and heat pumps should be serviced every fall. If you ignore this essential task, you may be risking a breakdown just when you need your heating system the most.

Schedule Heating System Maintenance to Prevent Breakdowns

A key element of annual heating service is inspecting and cleaning the system. Our experienced heating service technicians will examine all system parts with a critical eye to locate any safety issues or failing parts. Problems waiting to happen, like a dirty heat pump, dirty furnace, or even loose wiring, can be corrected on the spot.

Optimize Performance with a Precision Tune-up and Maintenance

Furnaces and heat pumps regular maintenance needs must be met if you want a high-functioning system. Calibrating the controls, lubricating moving parts, cleaning the burners and replacing the air filter are all essential for unfettered airflow and maximum heating output.

Boost Efficiency with Heating Maintenance

Throughout a typical Plano season, your heating and cooling system will accumulate a layer of dust, dirt and debris. This accumulation can diminish airflow, plus the dirt can migrate into crevices like the draft tubing and damage motors and other components. The unit may overwork to condition the air going through the system, or the system will not heat when needed and energy costs will rise.

Ensure Safe Heating System Operation

Gas furnaces can leak carbon monoxide which can poison you and other family members in your home. A cracked heat exchanger can emit carbon monoxide in addition to sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide. We inspect and test for breaches and C.O. leaks during our Precision Tune-Up and Maintenance

With a heat pump, you don’t have to worry about dangerous fumes. Nevertheless, a dirty heat pump, frayed wires and faulty electrical connections can damage your heat pump and cause safety issues.

At Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we know that poor or no heating maintenance equals poor equipment performance. Don’t take a chance on ill-timed heating repairs. Call us to schedule your Precision Tune-Up and Maintenance now.

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