Keeping your furnace running efficiently is a key priority during the winter months — one that involves knowing the signs you should watch for so you won’t be caught off-guard by a heating malfunction on a chilly Plano, TX night.

The Signs to Watch For

Here are a few symptoms of a furnace that may be due for maintenance or repair:

Rising Utility Bills

If your utility bills are creeping higher each month, your heating system may be losing efficiency. This could indicate a need for furnace maintenance — particularly if you’ve been putting off the regular maintenance checks your system needs for optimal performance.

Decreasing Comfort

If you’re turning the thermostat higher and higher in a futile attempt to reach the same level of comfort your heater used to deliver, this is another clue that maintenance may be needed to tune up your unit and restore it to its former effectiveness.

Unusual Noises

If you suddenly start hearing strange noises when your system turns on, your unit could be facing an impending need for heating repair. To prevent further damage to your system, have your furnace checked by a qualified furnace repair technician without delay.

Short Cycling

If you notice your furnace kicking on and off more often than usual, this is another sure sign that your unit needs attention. A properly functioning heating system should raise the temperature of the room to a comfortable level and then turn off until the temperature drops again. Short cycling indicates that your heater isn’t doing its job and that furnace repair may be needed.

Worsening Air Quality

An increase in breathing discomfort is still another indicator that your heating system is not working as it was designed to. At a minimum, you may need furnace maintenance — especially if you’ve already changed your air filter.

Getting Expert Help

Watch for the above signs, and when any of them appear, visit our service pages to learn more about the dependable heating maintenance and repair services provided by the experts at Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

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